Add custom Structures

Do you want to add custom Structures like Trees and Structures with shematics to your world?

Create Shematics

1. Build your building on an flat area
2. Set position 1 and 2 with /rwg position [1/2], so that the building is between this two positions
3. Save the shematic with /rwg saveShematic [Name]

Add Shematics to your worlds

Now you have to add the Shematics as Trees/Structures to your world.

Important! Chunks of already generated worlds does not get affected by these changes. It is always recommended to use an new world!

1. Stop your server
2. Pregenerate your configs with /rwg pregenerateconfig [World](If the world is already generated, you shouldn't to do that!)
3. Now edit the biomes.yml:
-> Add to each Biome, you want your shematic, by adding it into the trees or structures-List.
----> Just add SHEMATIC_[Your Shematic-Name without Ending] to this list.
4. Start your server
5. Generate your world like you had done it before