Configure Ores

To configure the ores in your world or in all worlds you need to configure the ores.yml.

Now the're two ways:
  1. If you have per-world enabled use the ores.yml from
  2. If you have per-world disabled use the ores.yml from

Important! By default the spawning-properties are the same as the vanilla spawning-properties

The selected ores.yml should include many ores, but because of the point, that all are the same we will take iron here:

  max: 64
  min: 5
  chance: 32

What does these values mean now? Here the answers:

max: 64

This value is the highest Y-height the Block will spawn at

min: 5

This value is the lowest Y-height the Block will spawn at

chance: 32

This value defines the chance the block have to spawn. The chance is calculated by adding all chances of the blocks in one file together and taking an random numer of it. If this random number is lower than the chance of the blocks before our block and our block-chance and higher than the chance of the blocks before our block, the plugin will take our block

An quick example
We have two blocks, our iron with chance 32 and stone with chance 20.000

So the chance to get an Iron-Block will be 32 to 20.032(Chance of all blocks)